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Pre/Post Natal Physiotherapy

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Pre/Post Natal Physiotherapy

During pregnancy and early after birth common conditions include:

  • Back pain
  • pelvic pain
  • pubic symphysis pain
  • postural related muscular pain (ie from breast feeding)
  • rib pain
  • pelvic floor weakness
  • DRAM – Diastasis of Rectus Abdominus Muscles (Separation of abdominal muscles)

We can help provide relief from these symptoms by providing appropriate treatment techniques for each stage of your pregnancy and early after childbirth.

It is also very important to improve or maintain “core muscle” control and general fitness while pregnant to helpoptimise good posture and provide increased support. Our qualified physiotherapists can help you achieve this with the right exercise advice.

A fitter and healthier pregnancy improves your post natal recovery allowing you to enjoy motherhood and help you regain your pre-pregnancy shape faster.

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