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On-site workplace assessments

Workplace Assessment Physiotherapy

Often patients seek treatment for injuries that have been sustained at work. These injuries may arise from working in a poorly designed work station, incorrect manual handling techniques, poor posture, etc. Injuries can cause undue stress, lost time and decrease productivity in the workplace.
How can we help you in a workplace setting?

Physiotherapists can help minimise lost time and maximise productivity by:

  • Identifying risk factors which may contribute to or exacerbate an employee’s musculo-skeletal injury.
  • Provide effective manual treatment for injuries.
  • Assessing the workplace and recommending specific job/workplace modifications.
  • Give advice on correct manual handling techniques to avoid injury.
  • Provide advice on appropriate work/rest cycles and sequencing of tasks.
  • Educate workers about good posture while working.
  • Provide exercises such as stretching and strengthening.

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